Valerio Magli

Bass, Double-bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Born on 8th of March 1993 in Cosenza, he starts playing music at 6 Years old studying Piano with M.Giusy Caruso. At 13 discovers Bass Guitar studying it as Self-taught.

At 16 Y.O. he starts to study Opera Singing with M. Annalisa Sprovieri for 2 years.

From 2010 to 2017 he plays bass with several bands and ensambles, including Strike Avenue, both live and in studio and in 2017 performs as Session player for Nino Fiorello.

In 2012 starts studying Double-bass with M. Enzo Baldessarro at S. Giacomantonio Conservatory.

In 2014 he’s the founder of Jana Draka with the initial roles of Rhythm Guitarist and Vocalist before becoming Bass and Contrabbass Player.

From 2019 he studies Bass Guitar with M.Gianfranco Gullotto at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

Danilo Pantusa

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Choir

Born August 10th 1991 in Cosenza, starts playing Guitar at 15 with M. Giuseppe Spezzano and then he studies at Musikè School of Music and Arts. There he studies music theory, improvisation and some bass techniques with M. Gianfranco Morrone and M. Andrea Di Gaudio.

In 2010 he starts a degree in Modern Guitar at Music Academy in Cosenza where he studies composition with Vladi Tosetto and starts playing as session player for Enrico Nadai. Then he continues his studies with M. Massimo Garritano and M. Danilo Magli.

In 2016 he obtains a First Degree in Music, Science, Show Business and Sound Technologies at International Polytechnic Institute Scientia et Ars in collaboration with F. Torrefranca Conservatory.

He also had workshops and clinics with Steve Luckather, Frank Gambale, Luca Colombo, Massimo Varini e Steve Vai.

From 2009 to 2018 he played as Session guitarist in southern Italy and in 2014 started to teach Guitar himself.

During the same year he’s the co-founder of the Progressive Rock band Jana Draka where he works as composer as well as sound engineer.

In 2018 he moves to Rome where he starts working as Composer, Arranger and Sound Engineer.

Valentina D’ Angelo

Drums, Percussions, Choir

Born in 1996 in Ascoli Piceno, she starts playing the drums at the age of 14. Her first experiences as a performer are linked to some Italian marching bands, with which she has the opportunity to join concerts of classical music and soundtracks and to learn the basics of orchestral percussions. She studies with several teachers, especially with M. Marcello Piccinini and takes part in a three-days percussion masterclass with M. jonathan Faralli.

In 2016 she moves to Rome and enrolls to the Music Institute Sonus Factory, where she continues her drums studies with M. Bob Baruffaldi and she learns about composition, piano, arrangement, mix, recording and music business. In the same Institute she takes part in all the stylistic music labs (Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop, R’n’B, Soul, Jazz). In 2016 she obtains the Rockschool UK Certificate, Grade 8 (with mark 86/100).

During the years 2016-2019 she joins a lot of different projects, both original and cover bands (Armando Tartaglini, The Holograms) that allows her to play in several bars and pubs in Rome (Let it Beer, ‘Na Cosetta, Pentatonic, Traffic, Alvarado, L’Asino che Vola, Le Mura, Pierrot le Fou, Locanda Blues…) and to test also hybrid drum sets (electronic pad, percussions). She takes part in the events and contests organized by Marmo, Largo Venue, La Vetrina and Lazio Sound. In this period she also participates in masterclass and clinics by Steve Smith, Emmanuelle Caplette, Mark Guiliana, Ellade Bandini, Iarin Munari and Christian Meyer.

In 2019 She starts to work at a new project called Percussive Tales, with the aim to involve disabled people and children in the world of rhythm and percussions. She graduates at the Chichester University and starts to teach in the music school IN Music.

In the same period she joins the project Jana Draka and takes part in the recording of their first album, “Where the Journey Begins”.

At the moment she is preparing to start the course “FULL Drummer – advanced drum course”, lead by Andrea Festa, that will involve esteemed international drummers as teachers (Beppe Basile, Lele Veronesi, Phil Mer, Giovanni Giorgi, Alfredo Romeo).