This project starts in 2014 in Cosenza, Calabria. During winter 2015 the band starts composing their first songs and in May 7th 2016 the EP Introspection is released, alongside its single Portrait of Fancy.

In Summer 2017, even with some defections in the lineup, the band releases another single: A Gem’s Last Moment.

In September 2018 the band moves to Rome, searching for new musicians to form a new line-up.

In September 2019 the band plays it’s fist gig in the new city at Traffic Live Club and in December releases it’s first LP: Where The Journey Begins.

On June 13th 2020 the band releases the first lyric video from Where the Journey Begins: Daydream.

On December 8th a new Christmas Single is released, A Different Kind of Christmas, and it’s reviewed by the Webzine Musicoff.

On December 16th 2021 the band releases Leaves, the first of a new series of tracks composed during the whole year directly followed by Dusk.


Valerio Magli: Bass Guitar, Contrabbass, Keyboards, Vocals

Danilo Pantusa: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Choir

Valentina D’Angelo: Drums, Percussions, Choir


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