Jana Draka is an Italian Progressive band composed of Valerio Magli, Danilo Pantusa, Federico Aramini and Valentina D’Angelo.

The project began in the Autumn of 2014, when Valerio Magli decided to form a Rock band with Luigi Conte on the drums, Lorenzo Cecchetti on the bass and Danilo Pantusa on the guitar. This group worked on the arrangement of original songs until the end of 2015, when they started to record their first EP with just a a PC and a small sound card.

On December 29, 2015, Jana Draka performed in their first live concert, which had a great success among the audience. One month later pianist and keyboardist Francesco Straface joined the band and completed the first line-up.

On May 7, 2016, the EP Introspection was published and in June the band released the videoclip of the single Portrait of Fancy.

Due to some divergences with the other members of the band, Luigi was replaced by the young drummer Riccardo Lirangi. With this line-up Jana Draka resumed their work for the realization of anew Album, but in Summer 2017 Riccardo and Lorenzo left the project. Although the band kept on working on the Album and they succeeded in the release of their second single A Gem’s Last Moment. When also Francesco decided to leave the band, Valerio and Danilo moved to Rome to start everything from scratch.

In September 2018, Giorgio Belluscio, keyboardist in the EP Introspection, was immediately included in the project and after some months Federico Aramini, a second keyboardist, joined the band. In May 2019, with the entrance of the drummer Valentina D’Angelo, the line-up was completed.

With this new members and a lot of determination (and some new preamplifiers) Jana Draka self-produced their first Album, Where the Journey Begins, released in December 2019, from which two singles were extracted: Salem and Daydream.

The Album obtained 90/100 on the review Metal Winds, it was well received and transmitted in Holland by the radios TVRDO and IKSC, together with Novena, Karfagen, Neil Morse Band, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Tool and other Prog artists. On January 12, 2020, IKSC chose Where the Journey Begins as Album of the Week.

In March 2020, They were selected by Intervallo…Prog as finalists for the2Days Prog + 1Festival and they obtained the second position. Due to Covid19 the band had to interrupt any Live Concert but in this period Where the Journey Begins is still broadcasted by a lot of radios, reaching France, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil,Portugal, USA, Canada and Australia. The Album reviews are increasing almost daily.

In September Giorgio had to leave the band for personal reasons and Jana Draka came back towork with a line-up of four members and the aim of strengthening their sound and beginning to write new material.

On December 8, 2020 the new single A different Kind of Christmas was released and it has been broadcasted by some radios and reviewed on the famous website Musicoff- Where MusicMatters.